The vast majority of our video production work is done in the BETA-SP broadcast format.  We shoot with a SONY 537-A broadcast camera.  Our BETA-SP package included a Vinten or Sachtler tripod, Lowell lighting kits, Schoepps boom mic, SONY lav mics, and miscellaneous gear as needed.  For larger productions we rent additional lighting and grip gear/doorway dolly, etc. as needed.

We have an excellent audio/sound effects production library.  We also have S-VHS and VHS field recording and cuts only editing capability in our off-line edit suite.

Our editing is primarily done in our non-linear edit suite.  We use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Commotion Pro, DVD Studio Pro and other graphics software programs.  Edited programs can be delivered in linear  or non linear formats.

If you have questions contact Barry Atwood: or call 207-773-5119 Ext. 11